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All divisions of Tamerlane Group now provide professional level fluency in Arabic.


The TAMRLANE GROUP, in affiliation with the ELENA MYRIANTHOUS LAW FIRM of Nicosia, Cyprus have configured a Euro - Middle East - African business model for companies to position their operations in a manner, on a scale and at a cost reflecting who they really are. The name of this new venture is CYPRUS CONNECTION , established at Nicosia, Cyprus. WWW.CYPRUSCONNECTION.COM We represent you to assist in spreading your brand recognition, projecting your identity, and facilitating every possible kind of transaction.

Many are accustomed to thinking of these operations in terms of capital cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Zurich, Vienna, Johannesburg and similar venues. Those venues work well for the mega company model. That is what is expected of them. They can afford the enormous expense profile. But what of the rest of the world? The world is more heavily populated with international companies with under $ 100,000,000 in sales. This is the world of most successful businesses that are engaged in international trade. They can have just as effective representation and operations and be who they really are. These are our target clients.

CYPRUS CONNECTION is a Euro – Middle East - Africa operations model that fits the effective scale of companies that do what they do very well. This is more than just location. We can, working with your company, actually assist in the management of your business relationships throughout Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Every Company establishes its internal presence through written agreements. Not every company wants to be physically present full time on station in another country. Once you establish the business relationships, we can manage them for you, with constant or periodic contact and accounting according to your needs and wishes. This includes supply chain, downstream issues, corporate governance and licensing, reporting to agencies as required, visits and inspections of downstream resources as requested. The digital age has enabled this model. Many in franchising license entire areas to a sub-franchisor/area developer that provides these services. Other than the franchise area developer, however, most businesses need downstream management that is not efficiently executed from thousands of miles away. That is where we come in. No matter how well things look on paper, they are executed by people. We know how to manage all aspects of such a business organization, with direction and participation from you. Contracts are fine, but the relationships are what really count. When you want your representative immediately available on scene, we are there.

CYPRUS CONNECTION is located at a fine venue, easily accessible to every Euro – Middle East - Africa market, with excellent tax treatment and treaties against double taxation in place. It also happens to be located in a very pleasant place ideal for vacation travel. Cyprus is doing better than Greece in tough economic times due to many factors, especially including its thriving tourist business. There is no more risk there than there is in any other city, and a lot less than in most of them. At this time, Cyprus can be considered a real bargain opportunity when one considers location, climate, economic health and low taxes. Most importantly of all, we will set it up and, if you wish, run it for you, under your direct or remote supervision. Having your own people on site is up to you if you feel that would be your best mode. There is no language barrier whatsoever. English, Greek, Arabic and Russian work as well there as they do in Chicago and New York. It is not primitive by any measurement. Your company run your way.

Financial transaction processing can be constructed to take advantage of enterprise zones with double taxation protection treaties in force with the United States. Repatriation of revenue to the United States or elsewhere can be accomplished directly via international banks and otherwise. Resources to operate your presence based with us may be provided thereafter directly from the USA or anywhere else. Funds in country need be no more than the agreed office operations expenses, with revenue electronic transfers to any jurisdiction anyone might select. Tax planning will not be a problem for anyone. If you have intellectual property that is to be licensed anywhere, that is exactly the same as any USA company would deal with it from home base. Title and risk of loss can also be venued offshore so that there is no doing business liability in the home jurisdiction of any customer when intellectual property licensing is not contemplated.

From our location you can project your presence throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We are positioned in an ideal neutral zone no matter what country or business may be your target market. Our affiliates there are fully licensed attorneys with international degrees and credentials. The movement of funds is not restricted in any manner and may be in any currency. If you desire local HQ level services from CYPRUS CONNECTION, that is certainly available. International waters are nearby, and any activity that should not be subject to local recognition can be facilitated on very short notice.

Reference commissions are protected.

Doing business through CYPRUS CONNECTION in a location you would love to visit on holiday is a temptation hard to resist. Contact us through and Our telephone in the USA is 281 584 0519. On Cyprus the number is 00357 22463410. All other TAMERLANEGROUP services remain available at your request and need.

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